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Conciousness, Inner Fundamentals Exhibition: Media Brief

MoTIV is East Africa’s biggest makerspace with the goal to create a sustainable ecosystem for artisans and makers in the creative space offering access to machinery, training, and a marketplace. MoTIV strongly believes that collaboration among a community of like minded creatives can deliver sustainability in an impactful way while adding to social economic growth of our country. 

The Consciousness, Inner Fundamentals exhibition will explore the doctrine that all matter has a mental aspect while questioning the relationship between an individual, nature and reality. It questions our consciousness of the effects that we as a species have caused on nature, ourselves and reality due to our thirst for discovery and progress. The exhibition is open to the public until February 2020. 

Key objectives of the Art exhibition

  • Skill artists to create value addition to their final products  
  • Educate artists on how to identify opportunities within the local and global industry 
  • Foster collaboration between artists

MoTIV had a public opening ceremony for the exhibition on 20/Dec/2020 which was a promotion and celebration of Ugandan art with performances from The Body of Brian, 1Der Jr. and a fashion showcase by Bonera Brand. In February 2021, there will also be talks on illustration practices, techniques and storytelling by Kwizera. Other talks will include Mental Health, managing stress, anxiety and attaining a mental balance for creatives by Conquer Uganda. Kuonyesha Grant will also have a talk on how artists can identify opportunities within the creative industry and the importance of collaborative strategy. Additionally Kwizera will have a practical session on how visual artists can add value to their art through framing, installation and woodwork.