We foster collaboration
in an impactful and
sustainable way.

How we do it

We know that the creative sector offers the least barriers of entry  for young people especially women. By creating linkages to mentors, learning sessions, and employment opportunities,  our members are better equipped to build and grow sustainable creative enterprises. 

Every maker we connect with brings us closer to achieving our goal of creating 300,000 dignified employment opportunities by 2024


People District

The nerve center of our facility, the People District contains four large and eight smaller studio spaces for makers to rent as office space. It is also our preferred location for community parties and events. Also available for rent for your training sessions and corporate events.

Wood District

Our wood workshop is equipped with cutting edge equipment and tools. It also hosts Skulpt It, the weekly woodworking peer to peer mentorship session. Come connect with lovers of carpentry and design.

Fabric District

This particular space plays host to our diverse community of fashion designers, bag makers, textile designers and all those whose key medium of creating is fabric. Be part of our fellowship of fashion designers to connect and collaborate even further.

Media District

If you love film, photography and all things media, this is the space for you. Come be part of the various small group fellowships of writers, comedians, set designers, actors, make-up artists etc. You never know who you’ll run into!

Metal District

Our Metal district is ready to host you and your team. Be part of our weekly peer to peer mentorship fellowship of metalworkers. We meet once a week to share our experiences and resources.

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