Together we build
a nation of makers

Continously collaborating...

The old adage rings true; if you want to go further, walk with fellow travelers. As MoTIV, we value collaboration and are constantly looking to connect with individuals and businesses working within the creative and cultural industries. 

We have the right event space to meet your needs and the facilities to help you produce at scale. Our vast community of makers participates in multiple programs with our partners. 

MoTIV Facilities


MoTIV Lab is a hub for education. The Lab will retain a library of training exercises available to all MoTIV participants, specifically machinery for members to test skills in preparation for FaT MoTIV. Members can sign up for scheduled training in the Lab. Courses will involve:

Hard Skills – Transferable to FaT MoTIV facility hardware

Soft Skills – Design methodology, broadcasting virtual academies 

Additionally, the Lab will support; Mechanism design, 

Prototyping, VR Simulation, Industry training days & seminars.

Longer-term, the Lab houses a Design Consultancy paired with our production facility. Individuals identified as FaT MoTIV facility leaders progress as consultants for businesses that require production know-how. Consultants are sourced based on proven knowledge of design methodology and FaT MoTIV manufacturing success.


Factory and Training (FaT) MoTIV is a production facility covering six major manufacturing sectors; Metalwork, Woodshop, Mechatronics, Media, Textiles & Food Technology. FaT MoTIV is an industry incubation service which incorporates modern manufacturing methods with cottage industry methods which entail vocational training for industry lead production increasing quality, value, skills and output of production to further enrich the industry ecosystem. 

Design Academy

Virtual academy designed to enable innovators, designers & entrepreneurs to develop skills and further develop their identified challenges into solutions along the entrepreneur and maker journey.

MoTIV Market Place

Uganda is filled with countless talented designers, artisans, makers, and thinkers who struggle every day to provide for themselves and their families. MoTIV exists to blaze a trail for them. We are here to not just teach and train, but to create a platform to showcase these undercapitalized brands and products. 

The MoTIV Marketplace is a physical and digital space to showcase the game-changing products created by MoTIV’s cohort of artisans, makers, and innovators. The Marketplace will start as a space for physical products produced at MoTIV but will grow to showcase the ideas and services created by the MoTIV team.

The MoTIV Marketplace provides vital market connections and investment opportunities to creative entrepreneurs and brands. Many fledgling brands in Uganda struggle to organically grow a following for their products. When they are connected to the MoTIV Marketplace they gain access to the robust marketing and promotion system to build brand awareness. 

MoTIV Product Development and Design

MoTIV product design and development will look to harness the potential of local talent in makers, trained, skilled, unskilled or self-taught. The level of entrepreneurship among Ugandans is continuously rising and a substantial percentage of these entrepreneurs fall within the manufacturing industry.

Together with the community, MoTIV is developing new products, curating collections and advising makers on the MoTIV aesthetic that will be seen to be unique, marketable and appealing to the local and international market.

MoTIV is promoting the use of readily available local materials and resources designing and developing products that align with the Buy Uganda Build Uganda policy. Our work as designers and product developers is to provoke the smallest of ideas, take that and push boundaries to go beyond the original imagined use of the product or material.

We are also working with already existing local brands and makers at all levels of development, foundation, startup and already established. MoTIV is scaling up the brands while creating an environment where creatives can learn from each other, create a community and culture that is sustainable, resilient, builds the economy as a whole and all the stakeholders involved.