The Unwavering Feather of Resilience: The Art of Ntege Jumah  


On January 11th, 1994, in Kyaliwajja, an artist named Ntege Jumah, also known as Kyoya, was born into a community rooted in tradition and with little appreciation and understanding of his artistic passion and inclinations, discovered at a young age.  

This passion drove Ntege to pursue art as a profession, but the academic journey was far from easy. He faced numerous obstacles, including a lack of support from his immediate family, who pressured him to enroll in an education course and financial hardships continued to compound his academic struggles, but Ntege’s unwavering determination in art led him to drop the education course and enroll in industrial art and design. 

Though his perseverance was a personal victory, financial difficulties persisted, especially with the cost of art materials. Despite these obstacles, Ntege earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial art and design from Kyambogo University, Kampala.  

However, his journey was far from over. He struggled finding his place and voice within the art world. He faced criticism and felt the weight of not fitting into the conventional expectations set by his community. The lack of appreciation and understanding from those around him only fueled his desire to prove himself and his art’s worth. He immersed himself in his work, often withdrawing from social activities to focus on improving his craft. 

His entry into the world of art came when he attended an event organized by the VODO Art Society, where he interacted and connected with other artists.  

He started creating a portfolio of his work and constantly seeking feedback from industry experts like Wamala Kyeyune, he refined his skills. His persistence led to opportunities to showcase his art in local exhibitions. It was during one of these exhibitions that he caught the eye of a prominent art collectors who recognized the raw talent and emotion in Ntege’s work  

From his association with VODO Arts Society, Ntege was introduced to MoTIV Creation, a sanctuary for creatives discovering their talent, using their talents to earn income, or turning their ideas into profitable business ventures. The association with MoTIV began to pay off when he started receiving invitations to participate in art exhibitions and to showcase his art pieces. 

He was later invited to join the “Black Box,” an Artist Residency Program, which is an initiative of MoTIV Africa under the Nextwave Program. As a residency program, the Black Box incubates emerging and established practitioners across various art disciplines, offering them production and training materials to create a body of work over a 3 to 6-month period. 

The residency program offers artists a comprehensive support package, including a studio space, production materials (up to $3,000 per artist), accommodation, and a monthly stipend of $500. Participants also have access to training and mentorship programs, research materials, and the opportunity to exhibit their work at the end of the residency. 

Additionally, the artists benefit from branding and marketing support, exposure to the global art scene, and post-residency representation, ensuring their continued success and recognition.  

To date, Ntege has created remarkable art pieces, earning the nickname ‘Kyoya’ for his unique use of chicken feathers. His work resonated with many, as it reflected his journey of overcoming adversity and finding beauty in struggle and the freedom to fly far and high. Ntege’s unique perspective and dedication to his art has started earning him respect and recognition in the art community. 

The story of Ntege is one of passion, resilience, and unwavering belief in his talent. Today, he is a celebrated artist whose work inspires others to pursue their dreams despite the odds. He continues to explore new art techniques and themes, always pushing the boundaries of his creativity. Ntege’s journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience, perseverance and the transformative impact of art. 


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