Together We Build A Nation Of Makers ​

Omwoleso Marketplace

The Omwoleso Marketplace is a physical and digital space to showcase the game-changing products created by MoTIV’s cohort of artisans, makers, and innovators. The Marketplace will start as a space for physical products produced at MoTIV but will grow to showcase the ideas and services created by the MoTIV team.

The Omwoleso Marketplace provides vital market connections and investment opportunities to creative entrepreneurs and brands. Many fledgling brands in Uganda struggle to organically grow a following for their products. When they are connected to the MoTIV Marketplace they gain access to the robust marketing and promotion system to build brand awareness.


Virtual Factory Network

VFN is an integrated network of creative and cottage entrepreneurs connected through our virtual services platforms and enabling infrastructure. Through the VFN we provide this community of creatives and cottage industries with integrated services to enable them grow their businesses using our rails. 


Africa Creative Alliance

The African Creatives Alliance mobilizes key actors in the cultural and creative industriesand those influencing its development across the continent to build essential frameworks. Our goal is to address Africa’s pressing unemployment crisis, particularly among its youth, by contributing to the creation of 30 million employment opportunities, while laying the groundwork for a thriving creative economy in Africa.  



As MoTIV, we value collaboration and are constantly looking to connect with individuals and businesses working within the creative and cultural industries. 

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MoTIV takes safeguarding seriously and is committed to taking care of the welfare of our community members, staff and children who are vulnerable.