Fiber to Fabric Textile Exhibition

About MoTIV

MoTIV creates a space where creative entrepreneurs can refine and scale their business to meet demand for local and international markets. We provide a space in which makers have access to high quality innovative machinery, training and can collaborate and inspire each other. 

We also provide solutions that are holistic, sustainable, ethical and impactful. The categories in which we create include wood & metal work, textile, kitchen station, media and co-working space. In addition, we aim to employ more than 70% women within our organisation. 

MoTIV is having a textile exhibition called Fiber to Fabric that is running until 18th December 2020 at the MoTIV offices located at Old Portbell Road, Kampala. The exhibition explores the relationships between the different elements of Uganda’s design ecosystem with focus on the current situation within the textile industry, the challenges and the solutions. The exhibit will offer a vision of what Uganda can do with its abundance of natural resources, while inspiring conservation of indigenious flora & fauna. This exhibit aims to present a future for Ugandan made products by breaking the stereotype that ‘Ugandan products are not of quality or unique’ and promot Buy Uganda Build Uganda. In addition the exhibit will investigate where Ugandan raw materials are used globally, and the ethics of these supply chains. 

Textile Industry Background in Uganda

A report by the Ministry of Trade in 2019 stated that Uganda is a cotton producing country that has recorded an annual production of 254,000 bales as the highest output in the last five years, with the potential of producing 1,000,000 bales at full employment level. 

However over 90% of the lint produced in Uganda is exported at a low price of less than US$ 1 per Kilo, resulting into loss of value to Uganda since conversion of such lint translates into 8-10 fold growth in value when conventional cotton is processed fully into garments while for the case of organic cotton the value can grow to 15 fold. 

Objectives of the Fiber to Fabric Textile Exhibition 

  • Showcase opportunities within the textile industry
  • Promote use of indiginous materials
  • Encourage demand of local materials

List of Exhibitors

  • Gloria Wavamuno
  • Jose Hendo
  • Xenson Nja
  • Charles Kamya
  • Sana Gateja
  • Obelisk
  • Green Afrika
  • Nina Mirembe
  • Textfad
  • Ouroots
  • Stella Lukwago